Release Notes thru 2017-12-22


We improve the BIME platform every day by releasing new features and squashing bugs. Here are the main changes that will be visible to you. If you have any additional suggestion for improvements, don’t hesitate to post them on the Product Feedback forum.


December 22nd, 2017

Fixed issues

  • Dashboard builder / text widget - we fixed the frustrating issue that prevented the overflow actions from appearing. Feel free to pimp your text as you see fit!
  • Dashboard email deliveries - we further improved the reliability of dashboard deliveries for large datasets.




December 15th, 2017


  • Google Spreadsheet - we have added the support of Team Drives. You can now analyse data in Google Sheets that are located either on your drive, or on any of your team drives.
  • Facebook Ads - update to v2.10

Fixed issues

  • Dashboard email deliveries - we improved the reliability dashboard deliveries by email
  • Bookmarks persistence - we fixed some issues that prevented bookmarks to be saved
  • Dashboard builder - we fixed issues which prevented from copying / pasting images



November 17th, 2017 

Fixed issues

  • Query builder - the column chart was unexpectedly shrinking whenever a different value. was selected in the Column chart shrinks whenever you select a different value in the row selector.



November 3rd, 2017


  • Bing Ads - update to v11



August 25th, 2017

Fixed issues

  • BigQuery - we fixed some issues occurring when handling very large amount of data.



August 11th, 2017

Fixed issues

  • Omniture - we fixed the issue preventing the profile selection in the Omniture data source creation.



July 21st, 2017

Permissions management

  • Editor authorizations - by popular demand, we have improved the page to support much larger editor teams. Navigation performance has been significantly improved.

Fixed issues

  • Dashboard builder - the scrolling on the time filter widget is working as expected.



July 14th, 2017

Fixed issues

  • Line charts - under certain conditions, the legend colors did not match the color of the chart.



July 7th, 2017


  • Intercom - support OAuth 2.0 access delegation method. You do not need to create and manage your API keys to analyse your Intercom data - your Google account or similar will suffice!
  • We have increased to 60MB the amount of data you can get per call from Bing Ads, Elasticsearch, Facebook Ads, Google DFP, Google DFA, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Analytics MCF, Google Analytics RT, Google Seach Console, Intercom, LinkedIn, Salesforce.

Fixed issues

  • Scheduled PDF generation - we fixed the issue preventing the creation of a single PDF based on multiple tabs.



June 30th, 2017

Fixed issues

  • Data filter widget - we fixed the search. You can now reliably search for select items you would like to filter a dashboard on.
  • Change attribute widget - new values resulting from a "change attribute" action were not correctly rendered. This is now fixed!
  • Dashboard scheduling - under specific conditions, a delivery schedule was duplicated.
  • File import - we have resolved the issues preventing the import of files exceeding 1MB.



June 23rd, 2017

Data analysis

  • We are now hiding the Zendesk WebWidget in the Query Builder so that you get more space to analyse your data.


  • Facebook Ads - the connector has been updated to version 2.9
  • Facebook Graph - the connector has been updated to version 2.6
  • MongoDB - the connector has been updated to the driver 3.4.2


  • We are now limiting to 3 the number of BIME DB instances that an account can start. Feel free to reach out if you need more!

Fixed issues

  • When using the "Change Attribute" feature in a dashboard, some labels were unfortunately cut-off. his is no longer an issue.




June 16th, 2017


  • Text Widget - by popular demand, we have replaced the Text Widget's editor. The new editor addresses the issues that the community has reported. It is available in newly created widgets - existing widgets are not impacted.


  • Google AdWords - the connector has been updated to the latest version v201705

Fixed issues

  • The data filter edition could cause the sharing of data filters across tabs, even when the option was set to "do not share"



June 9th, 2017


  • Intercom - we added new attributes (Phone, Last seen IP, Pseudonym, Signed up at)

Fixed issues

  • Explosions - the labels you set in renamed attributes will be correctly displayed in explosions
  • Dashboard builder - you can now list measures that result from a "result measure calculation"



June 2nd, 2017

Fixed issues

  • Google AdWords - we fixed some issues when connecting using a Google account that is linked to multiple AdWords accounts.
  • Exports - we fixed the issues that led some exports to fail this week. Terribly sorry for any inconvenience.



May 26th, 2017


  • Google AdWords multi-accounts - you can now analyse all reports associated with any AdWords account attached to a non manager Google account.



May 19th, 2017


  • Google DFA - updated to version 2.8 and improved the presentation names of the attributes and metrics.

Fixed issues

  • Scheduled dashboard delivery - fixed issues related to the application of excluded filters.



May 12th, 2017

Fixed issues

  • Facebook Ads - fixed connection issues.
  • Dashboards / queries / data sources transfer - fixed transfer of all resources upon deletion of a user.
  • SAML - fixed authentication issues with OneLogin and Okta.  



May 5th, 2017

Fixed issues

  • Date range calculated metric - the selected aggregator is now applied automatically, instead of the default SUM aggregator.
  • Data filters - the vertical scrolling issues have been resolved when the height of the widget is smaller than the dropdown.



April 21st, 2017

Fixed issues

  • AdWords connector - the rate limit enforced by Google on the number of reports extracted daily from AdWords has been lifted. You can now make as many AdWords queries as you need. Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused to your operations.



April 14th, 2017

Data analysis

  • Default aggregators: By popular demand, we have introduced the possibility to define what aggregators (COUNT, SUM etc.) are available for each metric, and which one should be the default.

Dashboard scheduled deliveries

  • We have improved the information you receive by email when a dashboard could not be delivered.

Fixed issues

  • Line chart - fixed issues when applying data filters on charts with multiple metrics.
  • Date range calculated metric - when creating new metrics, the selected aggregator is now applied instead of the default SUM aggregator.



March 31st, 2017

Custom formulas

  • "Between" function: When creating custom metrics, you can now verify if a given numerical value is within a predefined range.

Bug fixes

  • Dashboard design: Fixed issues on widget layout and positioning when "snap to grid" option is enabled.
  • Data analysis: Fixed issues with SUM aggregator being applied on all date range calculated metrics, regardless of what was the actual aggregator used for the underlying metric.
  • Visualisation charts: Fixed rendering issues on treemaps.
  • Query blender: Fixed issues on global variables not being applied.
  • BIME desktop: Fixed issues importing data to BIME DB.



March 24th, 2017


  • Twitter: Update to latest version:
    • Tweet scope introduces attributes “possibly_sensitive”, “trucated”
    • User scope introduces attributes “is_translator”, “name”, “profile_use_background_image”, “profile_image_url_https”, “show_all_inline_media”, “url”
  • Bing Ads: Update to v9:
    • AccountPerformanceReport introduces metrics “LowQualityGeneralClicks”, “LowQualitySophisticatedClicks”
    • CampaignPerformanceReport introduces metrics “BudgetAssociationStatus”, “BudgetName”, “BudgetStatus”, “LowQualityGeneralClicks”, “LowQualitySophisticatedClicks”



March 17th, 2017

Dashboard design

  • Responsive table widgets: You can finally ensure that tables will leverage the full width that you set for a widget. When enabled, column widths will be evenly distributed to fill the widget. This is available in the query’s chart configuration: uncheck the “fit to content” column option and check “responsive columns”. By default, this option is disabled.

Customer support

  • Zendesk Web Widget: In order to help you find the right answers quickly, we have replaced Intercom’s Web Widget by Zendesk’s Web Widget.



March 10th, 2017


  • Google AdWords: Update to v201609.
  • Google DoubleClick for Publishers: Update to v201702

Dashboard design

  • Snap to grid: To simplify the accurate positioning and alignment of widgets on your dashboards, you can now show a grid and align widgets to grid lines. This option is available in the dashboard menu. It is disabled for previously created dashboards but enabled by default for new dashboards.

Data analysis

  • Drill-through: In addition to being able to drill-through on values that were not set, you can also now drill-through on empty values.

Data import

  • Managed Storage: We have improved the messages that are displayed when errors occurred while importing data to Managed Storage.
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