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In BIME you can either access files located on your computer or files from online sources. For information on accessing files located on your computer, see Connecting to files on your computer. Below are the available online sources you can connect to.

For files larger than 50MB please use BIME Desktop.

This article covers the following topics:

Connecting to online storage sites

You can pull your files from several different online storage sites using BIME's filepicker API. These data sources include Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Gmail. You can also connect to FTP clients as well, but there are additional steps required (see Connecting to other online sources).
Note: Google Drive enables you to analyze your Excel and CSV files stored in the Drive. For Google Sheets, please connect to Google Sheets. 

To connect to an online storage site

  1. Select the data sources icon () on the left panel.
  2. Click the +New button in the right corner to add a new data source. 
  3. Select the relevant icon. Below are all online storage options available.


  4. Enter a name and category for the new connection. 
  5. Click the Pick button underneath Source file.

  6. You will automatically be redirected to will bring your selected data source's website. 
  7. Enter in your credentials and click Authorize

  8. Click Allow to access your files. 
  9. Select an Excel or CSV file.
  10. After uploading is complete, you can edit the schema of your dataset, storage options, and advanced settings.

Connecting to other online sources

If you connect to one of the following data sources, you will not be automatically redirected to an online storage site. There are either previous steps required before connecting or the file is accessed from a different online source.

Below are the available data sources:

  • FTP
  • URL
  • JSON and XML

To access a file from an FTP client

  1. Select the data sources icon (), then click +New.
  2. Select the FTP icon ().
  3. Enter a name and category for the new connection.
  4. Click Pick.
  5. Enter in your hostname, username, and password. 

  6. Select your file.

To access a file directly from a URL

  1. Click the data sources icon (), then click +New
  2. Select the URL icon ().
  3. Enter a name and category for the new connection.
  4. Click Pick
  5. Enter in the URL of your file.

  6. Click Search
  7. A preview window will appear with your file name and image. If it is the incorrect file, please provide a new link. 

  8. Click Select when finished.


To access a file with a JSON or XML path encoded
  1. Select the data sources icon (), then click +New
  2. Select the JSON or XML icon. 

  3. Enter a name and category for the new connection. 
  4. Click Pick
  5. Select a file from either Box, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, via URL, Amazon Cloud Drive, or from your computer. 
  6. Enter the JSON or XML path. Providing a path is necessary if an array containing data is nested in an answer.
  7. Click Next when finished.
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