Using metrics as axes


While other charts have at least one axis defined by an attribute, these charts only use metrics for axes. This can be helpful for comparing multiple metrics without the scale being altered. If you would only like to display one metric, please see Comparing metrics.

The following charts use multi-metric axes:


Bubble charts are constructed similar to a scatter plot. Bubble charts use two metrics to make up the X and Y axis. It can represent only two metrics, but multiple attributes can be placed on Columns. The attribute's values make up the points on the bubble chart. When you hover over a point, you can see the value's results.

Below is an example of a bubble chart with the metrics Revenue and Cost Goods added. The points are composed of the Category and Country values.

When you select a bubble chart you can change the following customization options in the Chart configuration menu:
  • In Chart, you can edit the size, opacity, and shape of the circles. Your circles can either be an empty circle, diamond, triangle, or cross.
  • You can edit trend line, axes, and legend options. By default a legend will only appear if needed.
  • In Colors, you can edit the grid and row color.

Radar charts

While bubble charts only compare two metrics, radar charts can shape results around at least three metrics. Each metric on a radar chart will have its own scale, and attribute's values will be represented as colored lines. You can change the arrangement of the axes by reordering the metrics on the frame.

In the image below the metrics Banking, Revenue, and Cost Goods are all added to Metrics, and the attribute Category is added to Columns. The different colors on the radar chart represent the different values of Category, as shown in the legend.

If you add attributes to Rows, the Row Selector will enable viewers to click through a series of results. The radar chart does not permit multi-selection on the Row Selector, but totals and subtotals can be added.

When you select a radar chart, you can edit the following customization options in the Chart configuration menu:

  • Axis and legend customization options will be the same as in bubble charts.
  • In Chart, you can edit the stroke width and the radar type. Your radar type can be based on metrics or categories. You can also select to show or hide the levels of comparison and vertices.
  • In Colors, you can change the line color.
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