Adding comments to dashboards


If the dashboard creator has enabled permissions, viewers can leave comments directly on a dashboard. This mode is enabled by default, but can be turned off by the creator of the dashboard. 

You can hide all comments from your screen by clicking the Hide comments button. If you want to view comments again, click Show comments

To add comments to a dashboard

  1. On the bottom bar of a shared dashboard, click the Comment mode button. 

  2. After you are in comment mode, click anywhere on the dashboard to add a new comment.
  3. Your comment will appear as a black circle. The comment panel will automatically open on the right side.

  4. In the comment panel, you can add new comments, delete your comment, and select who can view your comments. 
  5. Click Post when you are finished writing. 

    Users can reply to comments even when they are not in comment mode. To reply to a comment, simply click a black circle where a user has commented and add your response. 

    If there is an unread comment, it will appear as a red circle with the number of unread replies inside. 

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    There is a caveat here. If you are applying security at the row level, comments added to 'Everyone' will be visible to all users that have access to the dashboard, irrespective of user group or security. Users must therefore ensure any sensitive posts are restricted to 'My Group' or 'Me' to prevent unauthorised access to comments.

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