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By default, data interaction options are enabled on your dashboard. Viewers can use interaction options to select and view data in customized ways. You can turn off these data interaction options in your dashboard or in the Query Builder.

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Data interaction options

Below are the available interaction options you can turn on and off.

  • Filter others: Users can select a value from a chart to be a filter for all charts, including itself. For example, if a user selects the value 'France' on a chart, and adds it as a filter, all charts will show results for only 'France'.
  • Filter others only: All charts are filtered, except the chart where the value was selected.
  • Decompose: Users can slice results by an additional attribute on either Rows or Columns. Users can select either all or a portion of the graph to decompose.
  • Drillthrough: Users can view and export underlying data of a chosen value. The extract contains information on all metris, attributes, and attribute values.
  • Focus: Enables users to zoom in on a range within a chart.
  • Fullscreen: Users can view the dashboard as a fullscreen.
  • Widget slides: Users can view the widgets as slides in a presentation.
  • Comments: Users can add and view comments on a dashboard (see Adding comments to dashboards).

Turning off interaction options

You can either turn off interaction options for a tab or for a specific chart.

To turn off interaction options for a tab
  1. In your dashboard, select the Tab options menu.

  2. Click the Interaction options () icon.
  3. Uncheck the relevant boxes. The 'All' option will automatically be selected.
  4. Close the Interaction options menu.
  5. Click Publish changes. Your changes will not be saved until you publish the dashboard.
To turn off interaction options for a specific report
  1. In the Queries library, open the query of the chart you would like to edit interaction options on.
  2. Click the Chart configuration icon (), then select Interactions.

  3. Uncheck the relevant boxes.
  4. Save your query.


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