Connecting to Facebook


You can pull data directly from your Facebook Insights. The data schema will be the same as the original data schema in Facebook. For definitions of Facebook's metrics and attributes, see Facebook's Insights metrics reference.

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Connecting to Facebook

This section will instruct you on how to create a new Facebook connection. If you have already created a Facebook connection, but are having trouble importing your data, see Facebook performance considerations.

To add a new Facebook connection
  1. In Data sources, click the + icon to add a new connection.
  2. Select the Facebook icon ().
  3. To connect to your Facebook account, click Authenticate with Facebook

  4. Enter your Facebook credentials.
  5. Select the Pages, Apps, or Domains to use for your connection.

  6. Click Advanced on the top bar to edit cache and time zone options.
  7. Click Save when finished.

    You have now sucessfully created a Facebook connection.

Facebook performance considerations

This topic will discuss potential performance problems using the Facebook connector. If you're experiencing authentication issues or your Facebook dashboard keeps expiring, the Facebook API has timed out. This occurs either after 60 days or if a user signs out of their Facebook account (see Debugging Facebook's API on Facebook's developer site). 

When you are building your query, please note that the Facebook API restricts how the available metrics and attributes can be combined. When integrating a connection, unavailable features will be 'grayed out' based on what is already placed on the frame.

If you have already created a Facebook connection, but your data isn't importing or is importing very slowly, it might be the result of the following issues:
  • Your Facebook account contains large amounts of data.
  • You have created or refreshed several Facebook connections during a short time period. Each time you import data, including when you first authenticate your account, the Data source Builder makes a direct call to Facebook. Making several calls in a short timespan can reduce performance.
  • You have exceeded the Facebook quota.
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