Selecting the metric result range


You can select the metric filter option to set a floor or ceiling for your results. With a metric filter, you can exclude any one-off or outlying results. A metric filter will appear for each metric.

You can also add a metric filter to dashboards (see Adding a metric filter interaction).

To add a new metric filter
  1. In the Result manipulation menu (), then select the Metric filter option.
  2. Drag the circles on a metric's line to the numbers you want to use as your start and end points. You can also type in points by clicking the number.

  3. Check the Remove blank values box to exclude any empty results for the chosen metric.
    Note: This excludes blanks or null results, not where the result is 0.
  4. Click Apply to save your metric filter
  5. Your filter will automatically be added to the Filters bar.


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