Sharing dashboards through email


You can notify users of dashboard updates by automatically emailing the latest version. You can deliver dashboards based on a set schedule or when certain conditions are triggered, such as your websites' hits drop lower than 100. 

Support tip: Learn how you can use email dashboard deliveries to add alerts to your team's collaboration tools in Andrew Forbes' tip, Adding alerts in Slack, FlowDock, and Yammer

Scheduling dashboard deliveries

Admins can send email updates of a dashboard by scheduling a dashboard delivery. 

To schedule a dashboard delivery:
  1. Open the Admin menu () on the right panel, then select Manage email subscriptions (). 
  2. Click Schedule a delivery. The schedule details options will automatically appear. 

  3. Select the dashboard to email from the Deliver dashboard drop-down list and a delivery frequency. 

    Note: If you are scheduling delivery of several different dashboards, it is a good idea to stagger the deliveries to avoid overloading the database or API supporting them. 
  4. In the To authorized group(s) textbox, enter the viewer groups permitted to view the dashboard. Each user must have their email address as their sign-in (see Creating and managing viewers and viewer groups). 
  5. Select a delivery format. Dashboards can either be delivered as an image, PDF, Excel, or CSV file. 
  6. Type the email subject and the message. The text in {{brackets}} will automatically be replaced with the dashboard name, recipient group, and dashboard URL. 

  7. Underneath the message, you can set custom options for how your dashboard will appear in the email. 

  8. Check Use custom dimensions to enter a custom width and height for your dashboard. 

  9. Check Automatically add date and time to add the date and time to the email.
  10. Check Only if to select conditions for delivery based on widgets.

  11. Check Extend display of applied filters and Show values in export to display the filters and values used on the dashboard.
  12. Check Send me a test email to receive emails in the same way as recipients. 
  13. When you are finished selecting these options, click Save.
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