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When you add data to your query, your results are displayed in the original order of the defining attribute. The order is usually alphabetical, by date, or the specified order of an ordered set (see Creating sets).

Tip: Community tip: Marion Pavillet shares her advice on sorting by Month and Year date attributes. Check out her tip, Sorting by month and year.

You can edit how your results are sorted in the Result manipulation menu > Sort. The following are the available sorting options:

  • Alphabetical: A->Z/Z->A.
  • Numeric: Highest->Lowest/Lowest->Highest.
  • Advanced

The Advanced options enable you to set the following parameters:

  • Sort on metric selects a specific metric to sort by.
  • In the order selects whether the metric is ordered by ascending or descending results.
  • On calculates the sorting on Rows, Columns, or a selected attribute.
  • Aggregate values sorts based on the total of results, not the first result. This option is useful for metrics that are split out over time.
  • Sort totals includes totals/subtotals in the sort.

For example, if you create a date-based calculated attribute to show the names of months rather than a number, they will initially appear in alphabetical order. You can re-establish the date order by checking the Sort like time attribute box in the calculated attribute option.

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    Hello, I would sort results of my query for an attribute, with custom sort: only for an attribute and not for a metric.
    Can I do this in a simple mode? I have not found an easy way to do this. At the moment the solution I found is:
    - create a standard metric with If function which return a number
    - add this metric in layout with max aggregation
    - sort on this metric (in the order Ascending) and hide this.

    Thank you

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    Philippa Booth me suggested to create an "Orderd Set" in Calculation Menu. Thank you Philippa.


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