Hiding rows and columns


When creating result manipulations, there might be parts of your query that need to be there to ensure the calculation is correct, but are not necessary to display. For example if you use a result path calculation to display the difference in results over time, the first reference result will be empty.

The image below is an example of a query with an empty column.

Empty columns or rows can be hidden using the hide part of your result result manipulation. If you are using a table visualization, you can hide columns when customizing your chart (see Customizing tables).

To hide rows or columns
  1. In the Query Builder, click the Result manipulation icon ().
  2. Select Hide part of your result.
  3. Enter the number of first and last results you would like to hide. Alternatively, you can type in specific rows or columns.

  4. Click Apply
  5. Hide columns or Hide results will automatically be added to the Filters bar.

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