Creating editors and setting permissions


If you want to grant users permission to edit your queries, connections, and dashboards, you can add them as editors. An editor is automatically added to a viewer group as well (see Creating and managing viewers and viewer groups).

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Creating editors

The number of editors you can create is limited to your plan type. You can view the number of available editors by checking your plan details () in the Admin menu.

To add a new editor

  1. In the Admin menu, open the Editors tab ().

  2. Click +New to add a new editor.
  3. Enter the new user's name, email, time zone, and language.

  4. Check the Admin box to give the editor additional permissions.
  5. If you do not select Admin, you can check the Editor can manage viewers and viewer groups to permit the editor to edit viewers and viewer groups.

  6. Select a sharing option from the Share with this user drop-down list. If you select Customize after user is created, you can set permissions in Editor authorization (see Editor security permissions).
  7. Click Create user to finish adding your user. 

Editing an editor's group

When you create an editor, they are automatically added to a viewer group. This enables you to create editors who can have the same permissions as a viewer without using a viewer seat. An editor is added to your default group automatically; however, you can change this after creation.

To change an editor's group

  1. After you create an editor, open Viewers () at the top of the page.
  2. Select an editor. All editors are labeled 'Editor'.

  3. From the Group drop-down list, select a new group.

  4. Click Save when you finish selecting a group.
  5. In User details, you can also click the here link to edit an editor's email and password. Please note that if you navigate away from the User details page without clicking Save, the group will not be changed.

Editor security permissions

After you create a new editor, you can set custom permissions for each of your connections and dashboards. You can edit security permissions in the Editor authorizations () tab.

You can edit permissions for the following:


Below are the available permissions you can set for connections. 

  • Can view: User can see the query and connection (read-only).
  • Can save queries: User can create, update, and delete queries.
  • Can edit: User can edit (or delete) the connection to rename columns and create calculated elements.
  • Can edit data source: User can change data source parameters, delete columns, and change cloud storage.


Below are the available permissions for dashboards.

  • Can view and edit: User can create, update, and delete the dashboard.
  • Can deliver: User can define email delivery (see Sharing dashboards through email).
  • Can publish: User can publish and share the dashboard.
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