Connecting to Salesforce


In BIME, you can connect to and join your Salesforce tables. If your dataset is too large for the cache or you require deeper joins, you can load Salesforce data directly into your Managed Storage instance (see Using Managed Storage).

To create a Salesforce connection
  1. In the Data sources library (), click the + icon to add a new connection.
  2. Select the Salesforce icon ().
  3. Enter a name for your connection and select a category.
  4. Click Authenticate with Salesforce.

  5. Enter your credentials, then click Allow.
  6. Select your tables to use as your dataset. You have three options for connecting to your Salesforce data: Standard, Advanced, or the SOQL editor.

    • In the Standard tab, you can connect to your Account, Campaign, Case, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and Task tables.
    • In the Advanced tab, you can connect to every other available table.
    • In the SOQL editor tab, you can write your own custom query syntax. For more information about using SOQL in BIME, see Philippa Booth's tip When to use custom SOQL. For information on writing SOQL see, Salesforce's SOQL Guide and SOQL SELECT Syntax.
  7. After you select your tables, click Next.
  8. In the Schema step, you can assign your data elements as either attributes or metrics. BIME will automatically add attributes and metrics, but you can use the left and right arrows to edit the results.

  9. Click Next to select your storage option.
  10. To edit cache and time zone options, open the Advanced tab.
  11. When you are finished, click Save. Your connection will not be established until you click Save.

If you have connected to Salesforce, but your data isn't importing or is importing slowly, it might be the result of the following issues:

  • Your Salesforce contains large amounts of data
  • You have created or refreshed several Salesforce connections during a short time period. Each time you refresh your data, including when you first authenticate the connection, BIME makes a direct call to Salesforce. Making several calls in a short timespan can reduce performance.
  • You have exceeded the Salesforce quota or rate limits.
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