Benchmarking your results


A benchmark metric is a type of calculated metric that compares your results against your set average. For example, the chart below shows quarterly results for the metric Amount. A benchmark metric is added as a trend line to show the average by country.

If your attributes are secured, your viewers will still see the trend line for the overall benchmark. For more information on creating secured attributes see, Setting attribute permissions.

To add a benchmark metric

  1. In the Query Builder, open the Calculation engine menu.
  2. Select the Benchmark option.
  3. Enter the name of your benchmark metric.
  4. Benchmark metrics are written in the same language as standard calculated metrics. BIME will auto-complete formulas as you type.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Add your benchmark measure to the Measures portion of the frame.
  7. Your benchmark metric will normally appear as an additional result on your report, as shown below. If you want to display your benchmark as a trend line, you can add the metric as a trend line metric (see Adding metrics on a trend line).

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