Displaying widgets as slides


With the Widget slides interaction option, your viewers can view dashboard widgets in a slideshow. If you are a viewer trying to see shared widgets as slides, see Viewing widgets as slides

When the interaction option is enabled, users can view widgets in a slideshow on both desktop and mobile devices. This includes pop-out menus for row selectors, legends, filters, etc. 

To add widgets as slides
  1. In the Dashboard Builder, select the tab containing the widgets you would like to add as slides. 
  2. Click Tab options at the top of the Dashboard Builder.
  3. Select Interactions options (Interaction). 
  4. If it is not already selected, check Allow widget slides. All interaction options are selected by default. 

    Allow widget slides

  5. Click Publish changes or follow the steps below to reorder widgets. Widgets will not be available as slides until you click Publish changes

To order widget slides

  1. In Tab options, select Widget slides (). 
  2. Drag and drop widgets into your preferred order. By default, widgets will appear in the order they were added to the dashboard. 

  3. You can remove a widget from the list by clicking the - button to the right of the widget name. 
  4. To add a widget to your widgets list, select a widget from the Select a widget to add drop-down list.

    Note: You can only add widgets that were deleted from the widgets list. To add new widgets to a dashboard, see Building dashboards
  5. Click Publish changes to save your new order.
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