Measuring the impact of images in tweets


One great thing about working with a cloud BI tool is that the business user has the ability to run ad hoc queries quickly and easily. This means you don't have to find room in the budget or persuade a busy IT team to get involved. This is particularly handy when you are looking at a hunch.

For example, tweets with images might receive more engagement than other tweets. You can validate this hunch with Twitter and Managed Storage.

When you connect to Twitter, you can create several types of connections (see Connecting to twitter ). With the User Timeline connection, you can see details for up to 3,200 tweets by account, including the retweet, favorite, and media counts. Using Managed Storage as the online storage option, connections to different user timelines can be uploaded into a single table using the 'append' option (see Using Managed Storage ) .

The example below uses Socialbakers' statistics for the biggest accounts in terms of followers. The attributes used are for the top ten brands overall and the next five for different industries, to look at the bigger picture.

To view the impact of Twitter images:
  1. In your Twitter's query add Is a reply and Is a retweet to Filters. This will focus the query on the account's original public content.
  2. Create a new calculated attribute computed from the tweet ID. The calculated attribute will separate tweets into two categories. Use the formula below:
    IF (SUM(Media count)>0)THEN"Has Media" ELSE "No Media" ENDIF
  3. Add your engagement metrics and attributes to the frame. The table below uses a result path calculation to demonstrate the difference between tweets (see Creating result path calculations ).

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