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    It would be helpful if you guys had a customer support line that people could call.  Our BIME DB crashed 2 days ago, and I have gotten 1 email back from the help desk that did not help.  I have asked for an update, and have not received one.   None of our dashboards work, and this is a product that our company relies on for information.  How can I get someone to jump on an important issue quickly?  I love BIME when it works, but it is very frustrating when you have a serious issues with it and can not get any immediate help.

  • 0

    Thanks for submitting this, it looks like we have it solved in your ticket now. Please reach out if you run into any other issues.

  • 0

    4 days our DB is down - by your words - your internal error in regards to your AWS. 4 days and nothing - no eta, no contact at least you can put in a bot to reassure people that - "their problem is very important to you".

  • 0

    Hi Dimitar,

    What issues are you running into with your Zendesk account exactly? I'm happy to help in any way I can so let me know!

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