Keep everyone happy with change metrics and the Visualization Selector


So, you attempted to deliver the perfect dashboard to your users. You spent tireless hours making sure every chart has impactful tooltips, beautiful color schemes, and a layout that would please the data visualization gods. Then days later you’re met with a laundry list of change requests from your team (who seemingly became data scientists overnight). Some users prefer maps, some like to see revenue on that map, and others just want to see profit on a line chart.

The solution? Give users the flexibility to view data how they want to see it. This support tip will discuss two great tools that'll help drive self-service within your organization and keep everyone happy.

These tools are:

Visualization selector

The visualization selector is an option within the Query Builder > Chart configuration menu that provides users with multiple chart types to select from. The chart options you specify will appear at the top of your widget on a dashboard. Users can simply click on the different chart icons to change the chart type.

For example, if you’re reporting on time series data, you might want to permit users to view the data as a line, column, or area chart. The visualization selector will ensure that users can view data in the most impactful and intuitive way for them to make decisions.

Change metrics

A change metric filter enables users to quickly switch between a variety of pre-defined metrics. A change metric filter can be added to your dashboard as an interactive widget (see Adding dashboard interactions ).

For example, if you have a widget that is taking a look at impressions over time, a change metric filter can permit your users to change the original metric from social to search or from impressions to clicks.

Change metric filters deliver a variety of metrics to your users and permit them to specify what they see. Couple this with the visualization selector and you’ll create the ultimate self-service goodness!

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