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API Use case: Large number of dashboard viewers synchronization

Having hundreds of dashboard viewers to manage can be a challenge. The BIME API can be used to do a batch synch of dashboard viewers and potentially their associated data security rules.

API Use case: BIME dashboard SSO integration

Third party solution providers can seamlessly embed Bime dashboards as part of their applications.

The pieces required are:

  • A Bime OEM account
  • Make API calls to synchronize named users' access rights
  • Pass the Bime access token of the user to the embedded dashboards

Simple Workflow

  1. Create at least one dashboard from the BimeUI (Create connections > Queries > Dashboard)
  2. Try to get a Bime named user for your system id of the current user.
  3. If it exists go to 6.
  4. Retrieve the list of groups.
  5. Create a named user in Bime and attach it to a group.
  6. List the dashboards to which the Bime named user group has access.
  7. Load the dashboard passing in parameter the Bime named user access token.

Advanced Workflow

Named user groups can have associated security rules that can be applied.

  1. Create at least one dashboard from the BimeUI (Create connections > Queries > Dashboard).
  2. Create groups for your users.
  3. Create security rules for your group for your dashboard.
  4. Associate existing or new users to your group (See Simple workflow).
  5. Load the dashboard passing in parameter an access token for each user.

Warning: Please be sure to add the domain from where the dashboard will be loaded in the publish form of the dashboard in the BIME studio interface.

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