Release notes through 2016-02-01


Here are our release notes for February. Also, check out how BIME is helping our customers help their customers be more data savvy in this blog post.

Connector updates

  • New! Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels: Analyze and visualize the conversion path and journey of your site visitors (read more)
  • New! Amazon Aurora: Query and visualize your Amazon Aurora data in BIME
  • BigQuery: Efficiently query multiple tables in BigQuery. Select your desired table from a drop-down and BIME will detect the right schema to execute your query
  • Excel: The Excel connector can now handle files larger than 30MB
  • MongoDB: Performance has been improved for DISTINCT COUNT functions by delegating the function to MongoDB through the connector

Improvements to BIME queries

  • Multiple series on a secondary axis: Graph multiple series on a secondary axis in BIME to create a sophisticated comparison across metrics of different magnitudes (what this looks like)
  • User-level time zone: Temporal queries can now be set to display the resulting values in the Viewer’s time zone
  • Color-coding of calculation functions: Better visual separation of syntax versus functions (what this looks like)
  • Displaying query titles: Query names are now always displayed in your library

Better presentation of your data:

  • Duplicate tabs: Duplicate a tab along with all its content into different dashboards in one click
  • Expandable text: For multi-line text in a data grid, strings can now be set to automatically collapse and expand
  • Color legend customization: More options to how and when your color legend is displayed (what this looks like)
  • Easier data sharing (except for people you don’t want to share data with): Restrict access by IP. Grant user access to your BIME by defining a set of IP addresses to your BIME (how this works)
  • Excel export: Improvements to Excel exports with more consistency between Excel versions, platforms, and languages
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