Release notes through 2016-03-01


Spring blooms bring a blossoming of new BIME features. Here is what’s new to your BIME in March:

Updated connectors to track your ad campaigns:

  • Google Adwords Connector Update: Upgrade your Google Adwords connector to API v201601. The updated connector now includes the latest Conversion metrics. The Conv. (opt.) metrics that were deprecated from the API have been removed from the connector. See the Google release notes here for more details.
  • Facebook Ads Connector Update: The Facebook Ads connector was updated to API v2.5. The updated connector includes the latest set of Link Click metrics. The Clicks(All) and the CPC metrics that were deprecated from the API have been removed from the connector. See the Facebook release notes here for more details.

A better data querying experience:

  • Ability to cancel imports: Having regrets about your data import? Have no fear. You can now cancel data source imports that are in progress from the Import History page.
  • Export the drillthrough results: Export the drillthrough results from a query or dashboard to Microsoft Excel.
  • Time filter parameters in URLs: Time filters are now embedded in the dashboard URL and can be programmatically set to update time ranges on dashboards.
  • Organize queries into folders: Keep your querying workspace nice and tidy by organizing all of your queries into folders. Never “misplace” your query again. 

More ways to present your data:

  • Meet the newest display format, Duration: Measures can now be set to Duration in display format, enabling you to see time-based measures in a hh:mm:ss format.
  • Comparison lines: Enable comparison lines to permit users to hover over a two or more series and see how the numbers compare in a single, easy-to-read tooltip.
  • Hide numbers that don’t fit: When a number in a grid does not fit the column width, the value will now be hidden to prevent a user misreading the value.
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