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You can contact our support team any time by using the help button at the lower right corner of your screen. The help button should appear everywhere except inside the Query Builder; however, sometimes tracking protections on your Web browser might cause the help button to disappear.

This support tip will discuss how to show a blocked help button in the following browsers:


If you are using tracker blockers or tracking protection in Firefox, the help button might not appear. If you are in a private window, Firefox will automatically enable tracking protection. You can use this section to check if your help button is being blocked and prevent it from disappearing in the future.

To check if your help button is blocked
  1. In your interface, open the Firefox menu by clicking the preferences icon ( ) to the right of the search box.
  2. Select Developer to open the Web developer tools menu.

  3. Select the Web console option. A console tab will appear either on the right or at the bottom of your screen.

  4. In the console tab, search for a line stating that the widget for intercom (htttps:// is blocked. If this line is listed, your tracking protection is enabled and your help button will disappear.

To disable tracking protection
  1. Click the verify information icon ( ) to left of the address bar.
  2. Select Disable protection for this session .

  3. Refresh your page. The help button will reappear and the error will no longer be visible. Your protection icon will change to reflect that tracking protection is no longer active ( ).


If you are using the Disconnect plugin in Chrome, the help button might be blocked. To view the help button again, you must whitelist your site.

To whitelist your site
  1. Click the Disconnect plugin icon ( ) to the right of the search box.
  2. In the Disconnect menu, click Whitelist site .

Your site will be whitelisted and the help button will reappear.

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