Copying widgets and tabs across different locations


When you are finished customizing a widget or tab, you might want to copy them across your different reports. This can be useful if you are creating different dashboards for different teams, but some of the content remains the same. In the Dashboard Builder, you can use the copy and duplicate features to replicate your widgets and tabs. 

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Copying widgets

In the Dashboard Builder, you can directly copy and paste widgets to a different tab or dashboard.

Note: You can only paste a copied widget once. To paste the widget in multiple locations, you must copy it each time.
To copy and paste a widget
  1. In your dashboard, select the widget you would like to copy.
  2. Click the down arrow in the widget's upper right corner, then select Copy. You can also use your computer's keyboard shortcuts to copy the widget.

  3. In the new widget location, use your computer's keyboard shortcuts to paste the widget. If you are using a Macintosh, the shortcut will be Command+v. If you are using a Windows, the shortcut will be CTRL+v.

Your widget will be pasted in the new location.

Duplicating tabs

Instead of copying and pasting tabs, you can duplicate tabs using the tab menu.

To duplicate a tab

  1. In the tab you would like to duplicate, click the down arrow next to the tab name, then select Duplicate. You can also click the Duplicate icon in the Tab options customization menu at the top of your dashboard.

  2. In the Duplicate tab menu, choose to either duplicate your tab in the current dashboard or in a different dashboard. You can also select to duplicate all your queries and connections.

  3. Click Duplicate.

You will automatically be redirected to your duplicated tab.

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