Adding datatips to your query


When creating your report, you can add datatips or tooltips to your query. Datatips appear when users hover over a data point. By default, datatips contain the value of the data point. In the Chart configuration menu, you can change the format and text in your datatips.

This article will discuss how to customize datatips and comparison lines. Comparison lines highlight your results by comparing metrics or displaying the difference between a data point and the highest possible value.

To customize datatips and comparison lines
  1. In the Chart configuration menu, select Datatips.

  2. Check the Show datatip box.
  3. In the Mode drop-down list, choose to either display a comparison line or only datatips. A comparison line will highlight your results as shown below.

    For area, dot, and line charts:

    For tables, column, and bar charts:

    If you select comparison line, you can choose a custom rectangle or line color.

  4. In the datatips text box, enter the text you want to display.
  5. If you want to add an element from your query, select a metrics or attribute from the Select an element to add drop-down list.

    Note: You can only add metrics and attributes currently on your query. If you want to add a metric to your data tip, but do not want the results on your chart, you must add the metric as a tooltip (see Adding metrics as datatips).
  6. Select the background color.

You have now successfully added and customized your data tip.

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