Modifying your calendar using fiscal attributes


In BIME, you can modify default date fields to match the start and end dates of your organization's calendar. Fiscal attributes enable you to create new date field attributes that correspond with your calendar. Fiscal attributes function the same as imported date attributes, so you can use your calendar in custom date ranges instead of BIME's (see Editing dates).

Note: Your dataset must include date attributes to create fiscal attributes.

To create fiscal attributes

  1. Connect to your data source (see Importing your data).
  2. In the Query Builder, click the Data structure icon ().
  3. Navigate to your Date folder.
  4. Hover over any date field attribute.
  5. Click the down arrow next to the attribute name.

  6. From the drop-down list select Define fiscal year.
  7. Check the Fiscal year for Date starts at month box.

  8. Choose a month. This month will define the start date for your calendar.

  9. Click Save.
There will now be four new date attributes added to your dataset:
  • Fiscal year
  • Fiscal quarter
  • Fiscal month
  • Fiscal week

You can add these attributes to queries to slice results by your calendar dates. You can also use these attributes in calculations, time filters, and result manipulations. 

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