Connecting to your AT Internet data


You can import data directly from your AT Internet account. This article will instruct you on how to retrieve data from AT Internet using the REST connector. For more information on the REST API connector see, Creating a new REST connection. For more information on using AT Internet see, AT Internet's resource page.

To import your AT Internet data

  1. In your AT Internet account, select the Data Query application.
    Note: To import data, you must activate the Data Explorer option for your account. The Data Explorer enables you to access the Data Query application.
  2. In the application, create a new template or use an existing one.

  3. At the bottom of the created dataset, select Short URL and either the JSON or XML format options.
    Note: The import will not work with the Full URL option. You must select Short URL.

  4. Copy the URL.
  5. Sign in to your account.
  6. On the left panel select the Data sources library icon ().
  7. Click +New to add a new connection.
  8. Click the REST API icon (). The REST API connector will enable you to import the data from the copied URL.
  9. Click Create a new REST configuration. This will automatically open the Connector Designer.
  10. Enter a name for your connector.
  11. Paste your copied URL in the Url text box.

  12. Select GET and the chosen format.
  13. In Path to result enter the optional parameter below to format the data returned.
  14. In the Authentication panel, select Basic HTTP from the Authentication type drop-down list. This is required to import data.
  15. Enter your AT Internet account sign in and password.

  16. Click Authenticate.
  17. Open the Parameters panel.
  18. In Parameters enter the different name and values offered by your URL. The parameters will appear at the end of your URL as shown in the example below.{d_source,m_visits}&sort={-
  19. In the Type column, select Query for each parameter.

  20. When you finish entering your parameters, click Test. A sample of your results will be displayed.
  21. Click Save to create your connector.
    Note: Your data will not be imported by clicking Save in the Connector Designer. You must complete the additional steps in the Data source Builder.
  22. Click Next to edit the schema of your dataset. Your data will automatically be assigned as metrics or attributes. For information on editing element positions see, Editing your data.

  23. Click Save. You will be redirected you to the Query Builder.
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