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BIME and Zendesk are building a library of analytics tutorials and best practices for our customers, written by our customers. Get paid up to $200 per article.

The content we seek

We are looking for your ideas and expertise on how you’re using BIME. Got an amazing dashboard with useful metrics? Know a good tip on how to join datasets or create a query?

Here are some content ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • What are some unique calculations and result manipulations that you’ve used
  • What’s your most useful report? How can someone replicate it?
  • What sorts of dashboard reports do you send out automatically via email?
  • What datasets do you join together and what reports result from that?
  • Share a dashboard that you find useful (don’t worry...we can hide your actual numbers) and tell us how and why you built this dashboard.

Have another idea? Pitch us your idea at

Why participate in our community

Our community is not just about building a resource for our customers. It’s about connecting our customers with one another, so they can learn from each other. Participating in our community means you will be able to share your knowledge and expertise with others like you in a Help Center that is highly-ranked in Google search results (and make a little extra cash while doing it).

How to write your article

Turn your expert advice into a written article with images/gifs and step-by-step instructions. You can write:

  • A single article, approximately 500 words
  • A article series, like a cookbook with various recipes

Please refer to our writing style guide for proper usage of terminology. And take a look of the examples below for inspiration:


If you include any images, make sure they are less than 600px wide and JPEG, PNG, or GIF formats.

How you’ll be paid

We can pay in BIME credits or Visa gift cards. For an article with 500 words, you’ll be compensated $200. For an article series, each part of the series should be around 500 words. For each part, you’ll receive $200. For example, for a 3-part series with approximately 1500 words, you’ll be compensated $600.

Note: You may only submit $600 worth of articles. 

If your article lacks quality content or proper writing style—and you are unable to revise it per our feedback, we will be unable to publish your article and then therefore unable to compensate you for your work.

Ready to get started?

  1. Send us a quick email about what you want to write about at
  2. Once we approve the idea, you can start drafting your article. Make sure to check out our writing tips.
  3. After your draft is complete, send us the draft.
  4. If needed, you may need to make revisions based on our editor’s comments and feedback.
  5. We’ll work together with you to help copyedit and finalize your article!

Publishing rights

By submitting your article for publication on the BIME and Zendesk Help Center, you grant to Zendesk, Inc. (hereafter, “Zendesk”) an exclusive, fully paid-up, royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable, irrevocable and perpetual license to record, copy, use, reproduce, broadcast, transmit, modify, perform, and create derivative works of the article submitted by you by all means and in all media whether now known or hereafter discovered or developed.  Zendesk will provide attribution to you as the content author, and welcomes you to promote your work on other sites, blogs, or social channels. You cannot, however, publish the exact article word-for-word on another site.

Other conditions

By submitting your article for publication on the BIME and Zendesk Help Center, you represent and warrant that:

  1. You have the full right, power, and authority to grant to Zendesk the rights and licenses granted herein.
  2. You have not previously licensed any rights to the article to any third party.
  3. The article is your own original work, and Zendesk’s exercise of its rights under the above license will not violate any rights of any kind of any third party, and
  4. You are not violating any policies of or obligations owed to your employer by submitting the article for publication.
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