Sharing queries from the Queries library


In BIME, you can share individual queries directly from your Queries library. To share a query, you must first publish the query publicly. After you publish the query, you can then send the query link to your viewers, embed the query into your web page, or add the query data to your Google spreadsheet.

Note: A published query can be viewed by anyone with the link. You cannot restrict access to specific viewers.

This article will instruct you on publishing queries to share with viewers.

Publishing queries

This topic contains information on publishing an individual query. You must save your query before publishing it (see Finishing queries).
Note: Viewers cannot decompose, drillthrough, or focus results. If you want viewers to be able to interact with your results, you must add the query to a shared dashboard. 
To publish a query
  1. Click on the Queries library icon ().
  2. Hover over the query you would like to publish.
  3. At the bottom of query thumbnail click the Share icon (). The Publish query window will appear.

  4. Select the Public option to share your query.

  5. Copy the link for your query. You have three different options for sharing your query:
    • If you would like to share your query as an image, PDF, JSON, CSV, XML, or Excel file, you can copy the link of the selected format under URL. If you would like users to view your query datatips and hover over results, copy the HTML link under URL.
    • If you would like to embed your query into your web page, copy the code under Embed. Below is an example of a query embedded into a web page.

    • If you would like to add your query data to a Google spreadsheet, copy the code under Google Spreadsheets. Below is an example of a query result added to a Google spreadsheet.

  6. After you have copied your code or link, click Ok. Viewers will not be able to see your query until you click Ok.
You can now paste your query link to share with your viewers.


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