Changing your result format


In BIME, you can change the formatting of your results to percentages, currency, timestamps, or custom formats in Chart configuration > Display format. This article will discuss how to set your results to one of BIME's pre-built formats or create your own customized format.

Changing your results to a pre-built format

BIME automatically offers pre-built formats for your results. This section will describe each pre-built format and how to access them.

To change your result format
  1. In the Query Builder, select the Chart configuration icon ().
  2. Select the Display format option.
  3. Click the drop-down list next to your metric. By default, all results are in standard format.
  4. Select a format option. There are five pre-built options:

    • $: The $ option will reformat your results into dollars. If your results contain decimal numbers, they will be added as cents.
    • : The € option will reformat your results into euros.
    • %: The % option will multiply your results by 100 and add the percentage symbol (%).
      Note: If you do not want to multiply your results by 100, you can add a percentage suffix as a custom format (see Customizing your result format).
    • Finance: The Finance option will display two decimal values. If your results do not include any decimal numbers, two zeros will be added after the decimal point.
    • Duration: The Duration option will convert your results into the hh:mm:ss timestamp (hours, minutes, seconds). Your metric can only be converted into hh:mm:ss.

    Your results will automatically be altered to the selected format.

Customizing your result format

This section will describe the available custom formatting options. You can use the steps in the section above to change your result format to the Custom option.

You can customize your results with the following formatting options:

  • Decimal place: Add or remove decimal places from your results. If your results do not contain decimal numbers, zeros will be added to your results.
  • Thousands separator and Decimal separator: Enter a symbol to represent every thousand or the decimal point.
  • Prefix and Suffix: You can add a symbol to the beginning or end of your result without altering your numbers. The suffix option is useful if you want to display your results as a percentage, but do not want to multiply by 100.
  • Scale: The Scale option will divide your results by your selected option. You can select the following:
    • 0.01 and 0.01
    • Thousands, Millions, and Billions
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  • 0

    When stating:

    • Duration: The Duration option will convert your results into the hh:mm:ss timestamp. Your measure can only be converted into hh:mm:ss.

    the expected value to convert to hh:mm:ss is seconds ? milliseconds ?

  • 0

    Hi Thibault, 


    Sorry for the confusion. The conversion is hours:minutes:seconds. We've updated the article to clarify. Thanks!

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    Hi, Can I customize my currency result to BRL?



  • 0

    Hi Giovanni, 

    Since there is not default setting for BRL, I recommend entering the prefix in the custom option. See Customizing your result format

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