Terminology changes


Recently, BIME has made changes to the naming conventions for 'measure', 'grid', and 'BimeDB'. Measure is now referred to as metric. The grid chart type is now referred to as a table. BimeDB is now referred to as Managed Storage.

What's changing?

The terms are the only thing that will change in your BIME account. You will see these new terms in BIME and in the documentation. The locations and functions of metrics, table, and Managed Storage are the same as before.

Why is this changing?

These new terms help increase the simplicity of BIME and allows new users to easily interpret BIME's features.

Will there be more term changes?

It is possible that more term changes will occur in the future. You can subscribe to this section to ensure that you are notified of these changes. 

Where can I see how all of BIME's terms are spelled? 

You can check out BIME's style guide. The style guide is consistently updated with any changes. 

Note: Documentation screenshots and the BIME UI might be temporarily out of sync until the Help center can be updated. 
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