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In October of 2015, Zendesk a leading customer service provider acquired BIME Analytics. Since then, the BIME and Zendesk development teams have been working hard to integrate BIME into the Zendesk suite of products. In this FAQ, we’d like to provide clarity into the near-term BIME roadmap and what the future holds for the BIME product.

What is happening to BIME in 2018?

The BIME product will remain largely unchanged through 2018. We will decrease our focus on new product releases but have added additional success and sustaining engineering resources to support the continued success of our BIME customers. Our core engineering resources will primarily be focused on building a new world-class customer analytics platform called Zendesk Explore.

About Zendesk

Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. It empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. Zendesk products are easy to use and implement. They give organizations the flexibility to move quickly, focus on innovation, and scale with their growth.

What is Zendesk Explore?

Zendesk Explore is customer analytics software that helps businesses measure and understand the entire customer experience. Explore will provide reporting capabilities across the Zendesk suite of products and third-party sources of data, enabling customer experience-focused teams to better understand the interactions that customers have with their brand.

What’s new with Explore?

Explore brings a variety of new features to BIME and Zendesk customers, from a fresh new UI to native integrations to the entire Zendesk suite of products. Key improvements we’ve been working on are:

  • Native integration with the Zendesk product suite
  • Performance, user experience, and availability improvements
  • Support of over 20 languages
  • New data compliance standards
  • An expanded global support team 

A comparison of BIME and Zendesk Explore capabilities can be found below:




Connect to 65+ sources of data for analysis


*List of connectors to be finalized

Native integration with entire Zendesk suite


Ability to create custom reports

Ability to create custom calculations, metrics, and attributes

20+ visualization options

Share and distribute dashboards and reports

Schedule dashboard delivery

Support of 20 languages


SOC2, GDPR, and US/EU data locality compliance


+Explore functionality subject to change prior to launch

When will Explore be available?

Our team is working hard to make Zendesk Explore available in late Q4 of 2018. The first production release of Explore will only support data from the Zendesk suite of products. As we move into the first half of 2019 we’ll roll out support of additional data sources. Until then, BIME customers will be able to try out Zendesk Explore when the product becomes available.

Will the connectors that are available in BIME be available in Explore?

As of this time, the Explore team is evaluating the data sources (those that aren’t coming natively from Zendesk) that will be included in Explore. The team will make every effort to provide the most popular connectors in BIME while introducing new connectors that are relevant to global organizations in customer support and customer experience.

Additional questions?

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